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Quick Bytes: July 7th, 2009


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The Jaguars aren't interested in Derrick Brooks |
It appears Gene Smith won't go for a hat trick with signing veterans

Coughlin: McNair "could do it all"
Former Jaguar's head coach Tom Coughlin speaks about Steve McNair.

Jones Graduates Drug Court, Charges Dropped
In a case of too little, too late, Matt Jones has graduated drug court and has had his charges dropped. Here's hoping another team picks you up Matt.

Jaguars Player Remembers Steve McNair | | Local News
Tony Pashos, a teammate of Steve McNair in Baltimore, speaks out about the late quarterback's tragic murder.

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars Own One of the NFL's Top-50 Players? | Bleacher Report writer Pete Prisco recently revealed his annual top-50 list of the NFL's best players, spanning all positions. No Jaguars.

NFL Power Rankings by Weakest Link - MVN Outsider
The Jaguars "lead" the list as having not only the worst wide receivers in football, but the weakest unit in the entire NFL. I think the author is a year late on that one. Whose Seat is Hottest?
Jack Del Rio checks in at #11 of coaches who may be feeling the heat this season.

UFL faces major challenges | Wichita Sports - High School Sports | Wichita Eagle
Former Jaguars executive, and now UFL commissioner, Michael Huyghue leaders the UFL into it's inaugural season.

Steve McNair Shooting Puts Gun Violence Back in Focus for the NFL | Bleacher Report
Steve McNair, Richard Collier, Sean Taylor, Darrent Williams, and others have all been NFL players who have been on the tragic end of gun violence.