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Wayne Weaver – Love Back At You

Wayne_and_delores_medium Wayne Weaver Interview 
If you haven't read or watched the interview with Wayne Weaver this weekend, spend some time with it. I don't think the Jaguars have done anything better to make me feel good about being a season ticketholder than seeing and hearing from Mr. Weaver. He shows, once again, immense class and love for this city and pride in bringing the Jaguars football team to us. He is pouring his heart out into this team to make it exciting. He only does one interview a year and it is always worth the time.

He pointed out that the Jaguars, meaning him personally, will lose money this year. He understands that games on television are the best way to build a loyal following and he is disappointed there won't be any home games shown on television this year. This is an extremely major item. Football draws huge revenue from television and television draws its revenue from local advertising. Affiliates pay a lot to have football because it receives a lot from commercial time. The ripple effect of this will be huge.

But does Wayne complain about the city or threaten to move? No, he doesn't. He says the reason the games will be unavailable is simply because we can't afford to go. The economy has hurt the local fan base hard and he hopes people buy single game tickets and just come to watch. He never questions Jacksonville as an NFL city and points to six year olds wearing Jaguar shirts as his belief in us and the future. When a man who is about to lose millions takes his pleasure in seeing small children enjoy themselves, I am there.

So Mr. Weaver, here are my wishes for you:
   • Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis become the modern day Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield and are elected to the pro bowl three times as a pair.
  • Eugene Monroe enjoys a 15 year career and in 2025 is introduced by Tony Boselli into the Pride of the Jaguars. The standing ovation for both men lasts 20 minutes.
  • Maurice Jones Drew introduced Fred Taylor into the Pride of the Jaguars at halftime in the near future and then finishes the game by breaking the single game rushing record. Fred carries him off the field and then the crowd lifts both men up and parades the entire field.
  • The final pass thrown by David Garrard is a 75 yard completion to Jarret Dillard sealing a 44-17 Super Bowl victory held here in Jacksonville.
  • You celebrate your 100th birthday at the stadium. Your now six year old grandson , and then president of the team, introduces you to 75,000 standing in applause,
  • You and your family live a long and happy life.

And two wishes for me
  • I am there to see it all happen.
  • You invite BigCatCountry in for an interview and welcome someday. We and the readers would be honored.

Just lovin' you back Mr. Weaver.

- Terry O'Brien