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Season Preview: Weeks 5-9

The smell of football is officially in the air. The Jaguars will soon be putting the pads on, and that means it is officially time we can look at the schedule ahead and get a realistic idea of how this team will fair. This is the second of four articles looking into the Jaguars' 2009 schedule, and seeing how the team will fair in the upcoming season.

Week 5

Seattle Seahawks

4:15pm, @ Qwest Field, Seattle, WA

The Jaguars head to the loudest stadium in the NFL in a battle of the two most disappointing teams in 2008. If this was the Seattle team of two years ago I would just say to hope the team's ear drums don't explode and make a decent showing. However, this is a much older and less talented Seahawks team.

Matt Hasselbeck is all that remains from the core of players that helped Seattle become an NFC power, and he's isn't a spring chicken anymore. The Jaguars defense will have to contain Seattle's passing attack, which shouldn't be as hard as it sounds considering Seattle should be one dimensional this year.

For the Jaguars offense, the match up to watch will be the Jaguars running backs against Seattle's linebackers. Whoever wins that battle will determine how successful the Jags offense will be.

Seattle is an old team that is on the down side, however, they still have one of the best home field advantages in the NFL.

Chances of Jacksonville winning:45%

Week 6

St.Louis Rams

1pm, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

Torry Holt's old team comes to Jacksonville for what should be the Jaguars easiest win of the year. New head coach or not, the Rams are still mostly the same team that has picked second in the draft the last two years.

The Rams will come to "The Jack" with some headlines regardless. It will be a case study to see where Jason Smith and (hopefully) Eugene Monroe are in their short NFL careers. In addition, the Rams still have Steven Jackson at their disposal.

However, I really don't see enough to make me think the Rams are going to become this year's Atlanta.

Chances of Jacksonville winning:80%

Week 8

Tennessee Titans

1pm, @ LP Field, Nashville, TN

The Jaguars fourth divisional game is some what hazy to figure out. At this point in the year we'll know if the Titans were smart in believing Kerry Collins had another year left in him, if they could find someone to plug the hole left by Albert Haynesworth, and every other question I posed in the first article.

Either way, going into Nashville is a risky proposition and the Jaguars aren't known for coming back with wins.

Chances of Jacksonville winning: 45%

Week 9

Kansas City Chiefs

1pm, @ Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

The Chiefs made a plethora of headlines this off season. Good moves: Trading Tony Gonzalez; Bad Moves: Everything else. Picking Tyson Jackson at #3 was a mistake on multiple fronts. You can't tell me that they could've traded back and picked him up later. I'm not sold on Matt Cassell, either.

If the Jaguars are in rebuilding mold, the Chiefs are still trying to excavate ruins. This should be an easy win for the Jaguars.

Chances of Jacksonville winning: 75%