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Eugene Monroe is officially a Jaguar

It is official, Eugene Monroe is now a Jacksonville Jaguar. The eight overall pick of the draft signed his rookie contract earlier today. While terms were not disclosed, it is believed to be a 5 year deal with between $19-20 million guaranteed. For the Jaguars, they avoided another potentially disastrous holdout like what happened last year with Derrick Harvey. For Monroe, it means he can now play catch up to Tra Thomas.

Make no mistake, there is little chance Monroe will see the field as a starter early on. Unless Thomas declines during the preseason, it is his job to lose. Either way, it is great to see all of the picks in camp and the new era of Jaguar football can truly begin.


Per The Times Union

Eugene Monroe ended his 12-day holdout on Friday, with the rookie offensive tackle signing a five-year contract with the Jaguars worth $35.4 million, including $18.5 million guaranteed.