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You think that will sell tickets?

I watched the pre-season game on NFL Network.  I can only say the Jacksonville Jaguars look miserable as a football team.  I'm sorry, did I say miserable? I meant pathetic.  OK I know it is only pre-season and it doesn't count. You can't tell about the season by watching the pre-season. Go ahead and believe that if you want.  I will believe my eyes.

The passing game does not exist in any form again this year.  Every pass play looks more an act of desperation than a designed play.  Of course I mean David Garrard throwing the ball.  He is not going to win games on his own this year, better to let Maurice Jones Drew throw the ball. When David left and the three wide receiver set was used, at least that seemed to work.  Heck, even Troy Williamson can catch a Todd Bouman ball.

The running game was zero.  The offensive line is not jelled which surprises me from Andy Heck. 

The defense continues to let the edges be vulnerable.  Any team that wants to beat us can do one of two things, run to the outside or throw to the outside.  In fact run a triple reverse and then throw the ball.  God forbid we ever play on a Canadian size football field.  Where is Derek Cox?  Why is every receiver so open the camera can't find a Jaguar player until the reception is made? Why?

While we are at it, let's jump off sides a few time to boot. It doesn't matter. We are headed for 0-16 anyway.

So it is a good thing Scobee can tackle or special teams would have allowed a touchdown.  It is lucky for us a great coach like Russ Purnell is here in Jacksonville.  Glad we stole him from Indianapolis.

When the drive of the game for the Jaguars occurs from your third string quarterback in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter of a pre-season game, things ain't going so well.

So here is the bottom line, either Jack Del Rio goes or football in Jacksonville will go.  15,000 unsold tickets will look good if this year turns out like this pre-season game.  Right now I would say Detroit and Oakland will finish ahead of the Jaguars.  Only St. Louis and Kansas City have looked worse. OK maybe the Cowboys too. 

I didn't think it could get any worse than last year.   Maybe it won't, but it isn't looking any better either.

So go ahead and blast me if you want.  Just remember this, I have season tickets and have an investment in this team.   I'm there every home game after spending thousands of dollars a year hoping for more. As someone who invests their time and money and emotion in this team, I want better.  I want real coaching and real NFL football.  The biggest excitement of a Jaguar game can't be the fly over.  It has to be on the field and it has to be on the scoreboard.