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Game 2 Summary... Troy Williamson stars, Monroe does not.

Troy Williamson looked every bit a top NFL receiver tonight. The deep ball was caught so naturally you couldn't believe it. The second was a diving adjustment to a bad throw from David and the third was deep in traffic. Well here is the catch and run. I honestly can't believe this is the same guy as last year. I know I am way over the top on this next statement, but what I saw tonight I would rather have Troy than Santonio Holmes.

 _dsc0401_medium  _dsc0407_medium

Torry Holt is hanging around and running formations but I know the Jaguars are keeping him quiet, They know what he can do and don't want to risk him. He really can't help himself though and just has to get open for the fun of it. I know they are training David to look for other people, but when Torry does his thing, David can't help but throw it to him. I swear they yanked him after this play.


The first string Offensive Line didn't struggle as much tonight and began to get back into sync. David held the ball too long once and they didn't keep him safe all night long, but they are opening holes again and beginning to get it back. I don't understand the talk of a young team when it comes to the O-Line. This is basically the same bunch that did well two years ago except they are better with Tra Thomas. The O-Line issues are not a rebuilding issue, it is a coming back from injury and re-acquaintance issue. I think you will see this group improve week after week.

This was Davids protection on the big TD throw to Troy.                   The other picture is a nice hole opened for Greg Jones.


 Who had a horrible night was Eugene Monroe. Eugene got to know Mr. Gaines Adams personally. In case he didn't know his name, he could read it on the back of the jersey as Mr. Adams blew by him. Eugene had his real NFL awakening tonight. That 35% of snaps bonus clause in his contract isn't a certainty. He really struggled.

   _dsc0386_medium _dsc0421_medium

Marcedes Lewis might be the next guy to learn how to catch. He had one of those off his body shots again in traffic and then held on tight at the goal line.


 The defensive pressure I think is also starting to come. Derrick Harvey can get close and the others are getting there. The runs up the middle aren't working much against us and the outside began to be sealed off early in the game. I still don't get the drop Harvey into coverage routine. It does nothing useful except take him out of the play. Maybe I don't understand something.

He doesn't look useful with four receivers breking all around him.


There is still too soft of coverage in the secondary. There are QB sacks to be had if coverage can hold up. It doesn't and there is no reason for it. People are just too open. I know why Tyron Brackenridge is with the Jaguars, he plays off his man by 15 yards. He can fly and does run support well, but he is too soft in coverage. Please God, get Derek Cox healthy. It is so much fun to watch him get in a receivers face.

The big Byron wind-up is still there, but too many of these went for completions. One more second of coverage and he would have been sacked four times.



 Reggie Nelson got a huge workout tonight playing well into the second quarter. You could see who got preferential treatment and who got the treatment. Troy Williamson and Torry Holt were out of their pads in the second quarter watching while David, Reggie, and most of the defensive line stayed in.

Speaking of watching, Quentin Groves did a lot of watching from the sidelines. There was very little game time for him. I think he was getting the "in the dog house" treatment.


 OK, it wouldn't be a game summary without a shot at Special teams. This will cost this team at least two games this year if it isn't fixed soon. You can't give up that much yardage on returns or be pinned inside your five. Witherspoon tried to cover a kickoff that looked to be heading out of bounds and stepped out at the three. Another time a punt was fielded on the five for an attempted return. It is bad folks, very bad.

Overall, I don't know or care how many games this team wins. I just want to see real effort and some excitement when I attend a game.  I had a great time tonight, and I commend this team for continuing to work through the adversity.  I am getting the sense that the offense might come along faster than the defense and bring the show this year. 

One more thing, I know Vic and everyone think the third game is the real test, but the Jaguars have only one real practice until Thursday's game wth the Eagles.  I don't expect to see much more progress than tonight on Thursday. I have a feeling they will be working in the last game as well.  Honestly, come out and see them.  No matter how hard I have been on them, I am there. Come and enjoy it, they will break your heart at times, but they will bring you to your feet as well.


 - Terry O'Brien