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Great Minds Think Alike: Gene Smith Signs Ernest Wilford

He's baaaack!

The former Jaguar veteran, Ernest Lee Wilford Jr, was resigned today to the Jacksonville Jaguars as a TE. Clearly, Gene isn't happy with the passing attack, and frankly, the move is a necessary one. We now have a TE who can actually catch the ball with consistency, and Wilford is a fine route-runner who has a solid rapport established with David.

The move itself is a low risk one. Terms of the contract haven't yet been released, but it's likely close to the veteran minimum. The salary will likely have no signing bonus to speak of, so in order to get paid, Wilford is gonna have to make the final 53. Again, the contract hasn't yet been released, so this is speculation on my part.

Gene continues to exhaust every option in his attempt to improve the roster in every way possible. Bringing back Ernest was a brilliant low risk maneuver. More in-depth analysis on Wilford's planned role and the contract itself as the details are released...

-Collin Streetman