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Jaguars Vs Eagles: Winners and Losers


Brian Witherspoon - Spoony showed us all why he's our kickoff returner. His blazing speed is undeniable and it is only a matter of time before he breaks one all the way. This guy is not going anywhere.

Derrick Harvey - Lst year's number 8 overall selection is starting to look like a top ten pick. He was applying pressure all game long and all he needs to do is finish. He is having a very positive preseason and that's a major plus, because we need him to have a big game out of the gate against the Colts.

Reggie Nelson- The Eraser had his best game of the preseason, flying all over the field, rarely out of position, and he actually caused a fumble with a huge forearm shiver he delivered. Reggie looked good, and he seems to be ready for a big year.

Gerald Alexander - The safety we traded Dennis Northcutt for played a lights out game, arguably better than Reggie, although against lesser competition. He is a solid back-up, and there will be little drop-off should Nelson go down with an injury.

Tyron Brackenridge - T-Brack has secured a spot on the squad. Period. He's lights out on special teams and he's been excellent in coverage and coming up to tackle. He has arguably outplayed Brian Williams, and will be on the team come opening day, without question.

Russ Purnell - Russ needed this game, big-time. The head of the absolute worst special teams unit in Indianapolis, was now the Jags replacement for the legendary "Joey D". The Jags special teams looked atrocious the first two games, but were standout in their performance against the eagles.

Russell Allen - Another player who is guaranteed a spot on the squad is UDFA Russell Allen. the MLB played a stellar game yet again, and the coaching staff has got to be impressed with the way this kid has grasped the defense. He's got potential as a QB rusher, and he is a strong tackler.

Podlesh/Weatherford/Scobee - Our kickers are playing flat out awesome. Scobee hasn't missed a FG yet, and Weatherford and Podlesh are both kicking like they deserve the spot. The Jags kicking game isn't a concern this year at all.

Mark Duffner - The LB coach, and arguably the best defensive assistant coach we have, has a stable of outstanding stallions at the LB position. All three starting LB's sat out the entire game, and all the back-ups filled-in extremely well. All of the LB's played great football, thus we give credit to the coach.


Todd Bouman - He continues to have balls batted at the line of scrimmage, and is wildly inconsistent at times. He is not an adequate back-up, and needs to be replaced before the season begins. This game was his last chance, and he came up short.

The Offensive Line - Wow... a poor perforamance all around. Below average run-blocking, poor pass blocking, and pressure on Garrard from inside and out.  Andy Heck has got some work to do in the next few weeks.

Mike "I NEED A" Walker - The perpetual injury bug missed another game, and he's legitimately only got one shot left to impress against Washington. If Walker misses or has a poor game this Thursday, then the only way he keeps his spot is if the Jags carry 6 WR's, and even then he won't be a lock.

Mike Thomas - The diminutive Thomas has to show something this Thursday, or he is likely headed to IR for the year, because I can't see the Jags giving him a spot without seeing him perform.

Paul Smith - Paul is garbage and has no shot to make this team. He's a great individual and may have a career in coaching in front of him, but his spaghetti-armed passes won't fly in the NFL.

On The Fence:

Brian Williams - B-Dub played his best game of the preseason, although he still isn't playing at the level he was even a year ago. Brian must come up big against the Redskins, or his spot may be in jeopardy. Derek Cox didn't play again, which is the biggest break Brian has had thus far.

Chauncey Washington - Last year's seventh round pick had a solid game, but fumbled the ball, a big no-no for any running back. Chauncey had his one fumble of the preseason, if he has another, it may become a factor.

Josh Vaughn - The former Buccanneer didn't have as big of a game as he needed to. Averaging only 2.9 yards on 10 carries. In a crowded backfield, Josh needed a bigger performance to give himself a shot at a roster spot.

Quentin Groves - The former DE was starting at LB for the Jaguars, and seemed to handle the experiment fluidly. He had a few pressures and one batted pass. It will be interesting to see if he continues to play LB.