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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp: First Practice starting NOW!

The Jacksonville Jaguars are taking the field for the first Training Camp practice right now!  Is anyone there?  Is anyone that goes today going to let us know how it went?  Consider this a training camp open thread.  I'll post updates/reports as they come in.


UPDATE: The Officia Jaguars Insider Twitter Feed says we have Torry Holt, Vince Manuwai, Sean Considine and Scott Starks riding the workout bikes today.

UPDATE: From aibtureman

I was very impressed with Rashad Jennings, Derek Cox, and Mike Thomas. I was wondering where Zach Miller was for most of the day, but later realized that he has changed his number from 49 to 86. Cox broke up a pass from Garrard to Troy Williamson. Although the pass was short of Williamson, it was a nice play by Cox (The starting secondary included, and rotated Rashean, McCree, BW, Cox, and Nelson. Rashad looks really fast, especially for his size. Mike Thomas looked great (fast with solid hands- same as we’ve heard thus far.) and so did Mike Walker. It was very refreshing.

Anyone else see anything?