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Wide Receiver Musical Chairs

No roster position has seen more competition this offseason than that of wide receiver. Besides Torry Holt, every wide-out is fighting for a spot and it has seemingly brought out the best (or worst) in each receiver on the Jaguars' roster. Cuts will be coming shortly and the Jaguars will have some interesting decisions to make. Will they only keep five wide-outs as they usually do, or has this corp shown enough to make it worthy of carrying six spots. If so, who will be the sixth wide receiver on the Jags roster? Will Mike Sims-Walker or Mike Thomas even survive cuts to make it into Teal for 2009?

Torry Holt

The ex-Ram gave Jaguar fans hope when he was signed in free agency this off season. He has given no reason to abandon it either. Although he has only played limited time in the preseason, he has shown he still has the ability to make circus catches and Sportscenter highlights.

Holt earns the #1 position by default due to his resume. Although Troy Williamson has begun to show big play potential, he'll need to show more of it to try to unseat Holt.

Project Position: #1


Troy Williamson

Along with Derrick Harvey, Williamson is making the 2008 off season look like a slightly less horrible venture than it was first thought to be. Williamson made the play of the preseason so far and has made himself into a go to threat for Garrard. The former #7 overall pick looks like he's finally comfortable in his own skin and if he can continue down this road, he'll make Shack Harris look like a genius. Emphasis on look. 

Williamson has earned himself the second starting position opposite of Holt. If Williamson can play consistently to the level he has played in the preseason, the Jaguars may finally have a receiving pair on par with Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell.

Projected Position:#2


Nate Hughes

Hughes has been the pleasant surprise of training camp. He has lifted himself from UDFA and practice squad candidate to being ranked ahead of any of the receivers the Jaguars drafted in 2009. The concussion Hughes sustained in Philly will certainly limit him against Washington, but he has already secured his roster spot for 2009.

Hughes earns himself the slot position for his consistency and ability to go over the middle.

Projected Position: #3


Jarrett Dillard

Remember how hyped everyone was about the Jaguars 2nd day wide receivers in April? Let this be a lesson in tempering expectations. Dillard earns a roster spot for showing potential in the limited action he got during the preseason. He certainly looks like he can carve out a niche career as a sure handed possession receiver, but he'll need some more seasoning first.

Projected Position: #4


Mike Sims-Walker

A combination of sheer potential that deserves one last chance and a rather "meh" reaction to every other receiver on the roster, Walker survives cuts to make it on as the last receiver. Walker was having an excellent camp until sustaining a high ankle sprain in the scrimmage. This latest injury will certainly be the last straw before the Jaguars back breaks with him though. He has to stay healthy or he'll be gone.

Projected Position: #5

Mike Thomas

The speedy and undersized Wildcat has been nursing a hamstring for most of camp and hasn't played at all in the preseason. He's certainly headed for Injured Reserve barring a miracle or an incident that gets him headlines for the wrong reasons.

Tiquan Underwood

Underwood represents a dilemma for the Jaguars. He hasn't upstaged any of the other wide receivers to get a roster spot, but his upside means he will almost certainly not clear waivers. He needs a monster game against the Redskins if he wants to overtake Walker for the final roster spot or force the Jags to keep six wide outs on the roster.

-Jonathan Loesche