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The Big Cat: Your Training Camp Headquarters

The Past...

The Future...

In an effort to make BCC your one-stop shop for all things involving the Jaguars' 2009 Training Camp, here are the stories and photos from training camp thus far. 

The Observation Deck is open.

Michael Wright Interviews M. Owens.

Great photos from Training Camp Day 1.

Mort goes around the NFL.

Paul Kuharsky is quickly becoming the premier AFC South reporter... ESPN scored big landing him.

Gene Smith is clearly Del Rio's boss.  Finally, there is a hierarchy in the Front Office, and that means accountability. 

Smith expects to see Del Rio be more hands on again.

Henderson wants defense to be "fun" again... excuse me?!? Get to work Hen and forget about "fun"! Winning is "fun"... Making millions of dollars is "fun"... Work is not supposed to be "fun"... Am I the only one who is a little peeved at his comments?

More on Big John's problems...

Russ Purnell and the Special Teams unit are the focus of this Aug. 5th story.

Zach Miller Interview.

Michael Wright on Mike Walker.

Underwood Interview.

Now, for the fan based perspectives I found on Training Camp thus far...

Zach Miller was a machine at practice...

Jarrett Dillard is impressing people.

The PM training session, day one.

Nice Pictures from a fan. 

More below the fold...

For those of you who like graphics and banners, I found these newly created ones. Very well done.

A really cool MJD graphic banner

An equally neat R. Mathis graphic

Fred Taylor is immortalized... whoever this guy is, he's got talent.

Anybody go to any of the practices thus far?

-Collin Streetman