Eugene should get 22.8m Guaranteed

Well.. I properly gonna get killed for this entry but hey... I guess thats life.

Being very bored at work today I had a look at NFL.COM and found a page showing the different deals the first rounds had signed this year. The thing about these deals is that they are pretty closely linked with a slow decline from spot 1 to 32.

Having nothing better to do I decided to transfer that into a graph. Fought that would shine some light over what Eugene's contract should look like. I remembered somebody writing that Jaguars offered 18m and Eugene's agent wanted 23m.

So here is the graph.

Pink is total package, Yellow is garantied and blue is the number of years.

First thing you will notice is how ugly the graph is - Sorry about that.

Second thing I noticed is how straight the guaranteed money line is all the way to Brian Cushing. So, what I'm hinting at is that for a graph like this to have any truth to it, the plotted points have to be consistent. Otherwise you cant really tell anything about the un-plotted points.

Okay, so if Eugene was to be paidd within the margins of the other deals he should get a five year deal, worth 36.5m with 22.8m in guaranteed .

Just stats.. But interesting.. If you are bored!


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