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Impressions from Camp - Thursday and Friday

Scott Starks has recovered nicely from ACL tear.  I'll post pictures to prove it later on.

The run defense looks good. No one will take advantage of the middle.  I don't know what is going on, but the middle actually looks very stout.

A lot of three WR sets. Trust in the O-Line is there. No more two Tight End sets with blocking help. It is definately a stretch the field Dirk Koetter season coming.

I don't care when he comes in, Eugene Monroe will never beat out Tra Thomas.  In fact, no one beats Tra Thomas.  I have some pictures later of poor poor Quentin Groves trying to get past Tra. They may give the position to Eugene but he will never earn it.,

Todd Bauman can't throw to his left.  He has a good arm, but he is a half the field quarterback. Up the middle and to the right.

There were very few deep balls thrown. A lot of 10-15 yard pass plays. Maybe that was by design, but the long ball was not evident all week.

Jarett Dillard is Dennis Northcutt only much better. He has a real quickness and burst of speed.  He can get deep and when he comes across the middle, he is moving and juking.  What a jitter bug he is..

You can hear the ball hit Marcedes Lewis's pads. Right on the money, no catch. POW! You hear it from across the field.  Can't be thrown any better.  POW... OOPS.  I wish he had hands.

Quentin Groves doesn't look any different than last year. He is quick but easily tied up. I don't know where the weight gain is but I don't see the Defensive End in him. 

Todd Bauman has a strong arm but Paul Smith may be a better back-up QB.  Todd Bauman can throw, but something about Paul Smith looks smarter.

Rashad Jennings is getting a lot more touches than Greg Jones.  There is clearly something going on here. It might be a rookie look before we go behind closed doors, but he has been a featured back this week.

If you didn't know who Torry Holt was, he would still be special.  If Tra Thomas is special, Torry is more so. Just seeing him on the field draws your eye to him.  I will post pictures of an amazing move he put on Derek Cox later.  No one saw the move coming and the crowd just gasped and applauded when he did it. If he doesn't draw double coverage, I will be surprised. 

Derek Cox looks like he is on the first team, but he can be beaten.  I think they want him on the firld. He has no fear of covering, but they are giving him quite a learning experience right now.

David is much smaller this year. The weight David is supposed to be down shows.  I will say this, he is the only quarterback on the field and man can he throw on the run. 

Camp finished early both Thursday and Friday. The Del Rio statement about hard, tough, brutal, maybe.  There is hitting and you can hear the contact, but it does close down early and start late.  I wonder about him sometimes.

Referees on site tonight and threw a lot of off sides. The stupid jumping early is still a problem. Why doesn't Jack work on that? Even when go on two was the standard count, someone jumped on a hard one.  Every stinking time. 

Don't expect anything different from this team than a normal JDR team. JDR is JDR and this team will resemble the other teams, different people, different plays, same character. 

No Tight End can catch. They worked a lot of drills to the TE and couldn't get much caught. Marcedes Lewis can be beaten out for a spot if Zack Miller could catch.  It ain't happening.  They ran drill after drill of four receivers and threw to the Tight End each time hoping to get a reception. 

 So there you have your Staurday night primer for the scrimmage tonight.  I Have some great photos I will get up soon. Have fun tonight and remember, don't drink and drive.  Give the keys to someone else.


 - Terry