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Gene Smith Continues Reign of Terror: G. Estandia is cut, M. Desormeaux is waived

It's obvious Gene doesn't care about your family or your future. The new sheriff just axed two more players; one came from the practice squad. TE Greg Estandia, who came up through the Jags' organization and honed his craft, is no more.

Gene's cold hand knows no bounds, and the message has been sent. Make mistakes, you're gone. Give less than 100%, you're gone. Sneeze without covering... you're gone. End of story. I can't say enough how much I admire what Gene Smith is doing with this organization, and if we have to select a new head ball-coach, I want Gene making the call.

Desormeaux was an UDFA rookie on the practice squad that Gene didn't feel was developing well enough... you're gone.

PFT has heard rumblings the Jaguars are one of three teams interested in the Bills WR Roscoe Parrish... developing...