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Jaguars Vs. Redskins: Who to watch

The Jaguars are playing the Redskins later this evening, sans TV access. So, we'll all have to sit and listen to "The Voice", Brian Sexton. Sexton calls a great game; at least we have that going for us. Now, here are some players that should be on your listening radar, unfortunately, their won't be much analysis on the one-on-one battles until the game re-airs (unless Terry is there live).

Who to Watch:

Eben Britton at RT - The second round rookie has looked solid since throwing on the pads, and the coaching staff has given this talented young man the nod over former starter Tony Pashos

Eugene Monroe - Our number 8 overall selection will start at LT, and what he does tonight will go a long way towards deciding whether the coaching staff will start him against Dwight Freeney.

Derek Cox - The man we traded our second round pick in 2010 for will see his fist action of the preseason. A big game could potentially spell trouble for current starter Brian Williams. Make no mistake, this is a rebuilding year, and we want as many new players to snag spots as possible. It is about transition.

Brian WIlliams - B-Dub needs a big game in a bad way. If the vet doesn't perform, and T. Brack and Cox have great games, it may end his stint in Jacksonville. He needs some hard hitting tackles, and a big interception.

The QB situation - Watch to see how many passes get batted by our back-ups, and cringe while you consider what would happen if David went down.

Terrence Knighton - Whew... Talk about one big boy. TK is a huge man who is already skilled at keeping a low center of gravity. He has the body type and athleticism to potentially play NT in a 3-4 set down the road. All he needs is development.

Montavius Stanley - Another big DT who is in direct competition with Ellison for a roster spot. This is a make or break game for him.

The WR corp - Everyone is in jeopardy besides Williamson and Holt. I've begun to think that maybe even Hughes might get cut if he has a sub-par game. As long as he keeps with the status quo, he should be ok. Mike Thomas and Mike Sims-Walker will see their first action of the preseason, and both better show up and perform, or Gene will have some decisions to make.

-Collin Streetman