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Meet your new Jaguars - For now

[Note by Tkopa, I resposted this on top so people had a chance to see the 53 man roster. I didn't want it buried within 24 hours. This is your team! Get to know them!  09/06/09 6:46 PM EDT ]

Gene shaved Tony Pashos from the movement. Turn in your beard Tony you can catch a ride with Brian..

 Pashos_1_medium   Gewne_smith_medium Pashos_2_medium
Gene was ruthless in creating this roster.  Tony Pashos was called in and asked to take a pay cut, not an unreasonable demand since guards make less than tackles.  Nope, no deal was the reply and goodbye was the answer.  Brian Williams got cut. Joe Zelenka needs a goodbye event, however.  He was too much a part of this town to not say goodbye with class. 

Also, we understand that if Luke McCown passes a physical, he will be handed a playbook. If David goes down and Luke starts a few games, we may lose a 5th round draft pick next year. Eugene and Eben hold a lot of our future now, but no holding allowed. 

Run the ball stop the run, that is the motto.  We have a lot of people to stop the run, but not a lot doing the running.  It looks more like, stop the run, fake the run.  Dirk Koetter. the mad genius, is bringing the Arizona offense to Jacksonville.  Ten guys who can catch are on this team. MJD is still listed as the designated kick returner. (shhh I don't want to break the news to him but I think Spoonie got that job). They are certain Greg Jones is a running back as he is designated FB/RB.  No offense Greg, but we need a calander to clock your time to hit the hole, but you are great near the goal and clearing a path. Glad you are here. We were 2 to 1 passing plays over running plays in preseason. This roster reflects that.

Basically, if you were drafted by Gene you are on the team, except Tiquan Underwood.  I am guessing he will reappear soon. I think this is closer to being a young team than it was before. I will say this, it is a different team.  When I look at the final roster, however, I think I am happy. It looks and feels and acts like a fun team to watch. Buy a ticket and go find out for yourself.

Here is your 53 man roster - for now. Let us here at BCC hear what you think.

 - Terry O'Brien

Offensive Line (9)
Center 63  Meester, Brad  age 32  years 10
OL 62 Norman, Dennis     age 29  years   9
OT  78 Black, Jordan         age 29 years   6
OT 73 Britton, Eben              age 21 Rookie
OT 75 Monroe, Eugene       age 22 Rookie
OT 72  Thomas, Tra age 34 years 12
OT/G 74 Williams, Maurice age 30 years 9
G 67 Manuwai, Vince age 29 years 7
G 77 Nwaneri, Uche age 25 years 3










Tight Ends and Wide Receivers (10)



Estandia, Greg

age 26

years 3



Lewis, Marcedes

age 25

years 4



Miller, Zach

age 24




Wilford, Ernest

age 30

years 6



Dillard, Jarett

age 23




Holt, Torry

age 33

years 11



Hughes, Nate

age 24

years 1



Sims-Walker, Mike

age 24

years 3



Williamson, Troy

age 26

years 5



Thomas, Mike

age 22
















Defensive Backfield (9)
S 42 Alexander, Gerald age 25 years 3
S 37 Considine, Sean age 26 years 5
S 25 Nelson, Reggie age 25 years 3
CB 41 Brackenridge, Tyron age 25 years 3
CB 21 Cox, Derek age 22 Rookie
CB 27 Mathis, Rashean age 29 years 7
CB 31 Starks, Scott age 26 years 5
CB 38 Witherspoon, Brian age 24 years 2
DB 26 Open age  years 










Linebackers (6)
LB 56 Durant, Justin age 23 years 3
LB 51 Ingram, Clint age 26 years 4
LB 59 Iwuh, Brian age 25 years 4
LB 58 Seward, Adam age 27 years 5
LB 52 Smith, Daryl age 27 years 6
LB 50 Allen, Russell age 23 Rookie








Defensive Line (10)
DE 54 Groves, Quentin age 25 years 2
DE 91 Harvey, Derrick age 22 years 2
DE 97 Hayward, Reggie age 30 years 9
DE 90 Williams, Julius age 23 Rookie
DE 93 Wyche, James age 27 years 4
DT 99 Ellison, Atiyyah age 27 years 3
DT 98 Henderson, John age 30 years 8
DT 96 Knighton, Terrance age 23 Rookie
DT 66 Landri, Derek age 25 years 3
DT 60 Stanley, Montavious age 27 years 4











Quarterbacks and Running Backs (6)
QB 9 Garrard, David age 31 years 8
QB 12 McCown, Luke age 28 years 6
RB 23 Jennings, Rashad age 24 Rookie
RB 32 Jones-Drew, Maurice age 24 years 4
FB 33 Jones, Greg age 28 years 6
FB 24 Owens, Montell age 25 years 4








Special Teams (3)
K 10 Scobee, Josh age 27 years 6
P 3 Podlesh, Adam age 25 years 3
LS 48 Cain, Jeremy age 29 years 3