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Goodell speaks on Jaguars ticket situation

"We know there are a lot of passionate fans down in Jacksonville,'' Goodell said, according to a transcript of the meeting. "The first 10 years of their existence, they were at the top of the league with respect to ticket sales. We're a little disappointed where the ticket sales are and we know there are challenges down there. We've been working with Wayne and talking to him and seeing what we can do to support him. But we are disappointed with where the sales are right now. We recognize part of it is the economy. But part of it may be other factors.''

When asked what the league will do, Goodell said, "Come down and try to bring attention to this. To try and help him work with business leaders and other leaders. To help them recognize the challenges we are going through in that marketplace. I've offered my personal assistance and the assistance of our staff. And it's likely we will do that at some point.''



I believe it is safe to say the Jaguars will be the "home" team for a game in London as early as next year. Also, perhaps a home game or two in Orlando if the NFL somehow finds the Citrus Bowl up to snuff. The organization has to find some creative ways to fill the stadium until (if) the economy rebounds. Two less games to buy for season tickets means $100 cheaper season tickets.

The "home" team for the London games have all been teams that have needed to sell season tickets, and the Jaguars fit that bill. Before anyone says the Jaguars don't have the international appeal to play in London, the Buccaneers are playing in London this year and they aren't exactly "America's Team" either.

The possibility of playing a home game or two in Orlando has been tossed around practically since Touchdown Jacksonville! first sent a proposal to the NFL for an expansion team. The major hurdle there is the Citrus Bowl. Considering the Big 10 and SEC voiced their displeasure with the stadium during the last round of negotiations for the Capitol One Bowl, I can't imagine what the NFL would think.

Option three is to just sneak into UF's locker room, steal their uniforms, and make the town think the Gators moved a home game to Jacksonville.

What do you think BCC?