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Quick Bytes and BCC Poster Map Part Deux


Jaguars complete McCown trade - Jaguars news on
Josh, I mean Cade, I mean Luke Skywalker McCown is now officially a Jaguar. The Jaguars also released Todd Bouman.

Pashos takes step back to take step forward |
A bit more on Tony Pashos and his signing with the 49ers

Jaguars announce practice squad | National Football Post
The Jaguars added former Cleveland QB Richard Bartel to complete their eight man practice squad.

Jags Are Younger, But Are They Better? - Sports News Story - WJXT Jacksonville
It’s a younger team, no question. Better? That’s where the debate will begin. Monday, September 7, 2009.

Jaguars Waive Defensive Back Kennard Cox - Press release on
Goes to show that even if you survive cut down day, you're still expendable. The Jaguar's roster now sits at 52.

The Associated Press: Jones-Drew angry about Smoot hit
MJD voices his opinion about the hit that sent him down in the last preseason game.

Wilson: Jones-Drew to return to practice | National Football Post
Jones-Drew to return to practice

 In addition, BCC has hit September with the ground running and breaking attendance records left and right. Back in June I posted a map to show where the BCC family was located, and I thought this would be a good time to revive that. Click below the jump to see how the map currently stands, and if you want to be included this time around, simply post your current Zip code or city.

View Big Cat Country Members in a larger map