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A letter to Mr.Weaver

Dear Mr.Wayne Weaver

The first time I ever heard anything about the Jacksonville Jaguars was when I was about 5 years old and in kindergarten. All I remember is my dad coming in and saying that he had gotten season tickets to my mom, who looked at him as if he had just said we were moving to Mars. I just kept thinking about the flyover at games and wondering if I would go deaf.

I was there when the Jaguars played the Rams and then the Houston Oilers in the inaugural game. I still have those Gameday magazines packed up in a box somewhere. I remember the extreme swing of emotions I felt in the 30 seconds it took Morten Anderson to line up for the field goal attempt and miss as I watched from our seats in section 245. I'll never forget being there to see Clyde Simmons block the field goal attempt and Bill Cowher spit on Chris Hudson as he returned it for a touchdown on the Jaguars first Monday Night Game. I was also there for the second half of the 1999 AFC Championship game and one of the only one's there in 2004 vs the Texans on Christmas (sadly, the last game I've been able to attend.)

I want to thank you for taking the time to write the letter you did. I know this year is going to be tough for the franchise, and the city in general. I'm a walking example of it, currently waiting to hear back from a potential employer I interviewed with last week. Either way, I still plan to make it to as many games as my financial situation will dictate. I know plenty of people, including in my own home, who have either lost their jobs or if they have been able to keep it, seen their hours reduced significantly.

That is why your re commitment to the city of Jacksonville is so refreshing. I know it must be tempting to see offers for the team, even knowing the moment the ink is dry the team would be making plans for a trip to LA. I believe Jacksonville has what it takes to support a NFL team, and your decision to have Gene Smith run the team only helps that. When these troubled economic times pass and more families can afford season tickets, they will be rewarded with a championship caliber team.

Once again, thank you, and let's keep this the best place on the web for the JACKSONVILLE Jaguars

-Jonathan Loesche