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Jack Del Rio: USC Head Coach? Part 2

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Quite a bit has happened since I posted the original article yesterday. Among other things

1. Fox Sport's Jay Glazer said today that although Del Rio does not expect to be fired, though several people within the organization have been vocal about getting rid of him. Either way, if/when Pete Carroll officially leaves USC, he will be a "hot" candidate. (H/T to Vito Stellino)

2. This article by Sporting News names Jack Del Rio as the #1 candidate to replace Carroll at USC.

3. First Coast News Sports Director Dan Hicken has reported that Del Rio is "at the top" of the list at USC.

4. It has been said that Weaver is "furious" at the current situation.

5. Jay Glazer has also said that Carroll name isn't signed on the line yet, and things could suddenly fall apart.

In other words, things aren't nearly as solid as they appeared to be prior to the loss at Cleveland. Pete Carroll's sudden departure from USC has only compounded the issues surrounding the Jaguars current coaching situation. It has become clear that the seven year run of mediocrity has begun to wear down on even Wayne Weaver.

I think that having this meeting a week later, rather than right after the Cleveland game has hurt Del Rio's position within the organization. It's given the anti-Del Rio crowd another week to make their case, and really no one to give any sort of defense to Jack.

My own take is that things are going to shake down into one of four scenarios.

1. Jack interviews and takes the job at USC, and Gene Smith goes out and finds a coordinator to his liking to become the Jaguars new HC. (40%)

2. Jack interviews for the USC job, doesn't get it, and is then let go by the Jaguars. (10%)

3. Jack ends up getting fired regardless of the USC situation.(25%)

4. Jack stays.(25%)