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This Week in Jaguars History: [1/11 - 1/17]

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This Week in Jaguars History is going to be a weekly series to start off our Monday mornings.


1/12/97 - The Jaguars lose to the Patriots in their first ever AFC Championship Game to finish a magical season.


1/15/00 - The Jaguars defeat the Dolphins in Dan Marino’s final game with a 62-7 drubbing. 

1/17/03 - Wayne Weaver hires Jack Del Rio to replace Tom Coughlin, making him only the second coach in the franchise’s history.

1/12/08 - Tom Brady and the undefeated Patriots end the Jaguars playoff run in the divisional round with a 31-20 victory.

1/12/09 - Gene Smith is given a promotion to become the first official GM in team history.

Trivia Question:

Which current Jaguar player holds the franchise record for most yards per rushing attempt with 11.0?

Trivia Answer:

Montell Owens

He has 4 attempts, 44 yards and 2 TDs in his rushing career