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Jack Del Rio Offered USC Job, though Jack says everything except whether he's staying or not

The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that USC has offered Jack Del Rio a contract to become the new head coach of USC's football program.

WJXT and Michael Wright are both reporting Jack Del Rio is staying the Jaguars head coach. Del Rio said he's never received a contract from USC. Then again, Nick Saban never said he got a contract from Alabama.

Use this as an open thread until anything definitive comes of this.

UPDATE (8:38 AM): WJXT recanted their report, kind of. Del Rio simply said things were business as usual at the stadium. If you watched the interview you know Jack was playing politician by answering everything but the question.

UPDATE (8:50AM): 1010xl is reporting the meeting between Jack Del Rio, Wayne Weaver, and Gene Smith is currently under way. Except things to start coming through the grapevine soon.

UPDATE (9:25AM): Jon Clayton is reporting Jack Del Rio will no longer be the Jaguars head coach regardless of whether he's the HC at USC or not.