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Jack Del Rio to remain Jaguars head coach in 2010

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UPDATE: Scott Wolf, the LA reported who "broke" the story that USC offered Jack Del Rio the job last night has now recanted that story.

Days of speculation were finally put to rest today as first Peter King, and then Wayne Weaver assured Jaguar fans that Jack Del Rio would be the Jags head coach in 2010. It was a move that, frankly, we all should've expected. However, we let the events of the last few days cloud our thinking.

Weaver was never going to fire Del Rio. Del Rio has 15 million votes of confidence and that will keep him the Jaguars head-man for at least one more season. The lynch pin for fans' hopes was the recently vacated USC job. After Pete Carroll abruptly left and various people said no, it seemed JDR was at the top of the list.

After reports surfaced that Jack Del Rio was offered a contract from USC last night, it seemed today's meeting with Wayne Weaver was going to close this chapter of Jaguars history. Del Rio gave an interview this morning with local reporters that at the time seemed like he was playing politican, but now just reminds us that Jack still can't interview after eight years on the job.

Regardless, Jack is the head coach of the Jaguars next year and he knows it is very simple for him. At this time next year, I'll either be previewing the Jaguars upcoming divisional round opponent, or I'll be running through possible head coaching candidates.