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Hurricane Gene: The only explanation for what is going on in Jacksonville

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You want to know what's happened in Jacksonville, huh? You want to know how so much commotion has taken place, and we're just a few weeks into the offseason? It's called Hurricane Gene, gang... and it is angry we didn't make the playoffs.

Its merciless and powerful; yet is graceful and coordinated. Its intense and unpredictable; yet is unwavering and stoic... Hurricane Gene has hit Duval county, and the coaching staff overhaul has already begun...

Don't you remember the roster moves at the end of every loss, like sacrifices to appease the ancient deities. Long-time friends were offered up with nary the slightest hesistation. Estandia had two penalties in one game, one in a crucial situation... Pack your bags, Greg. Drop the ball, then back to the practice squad Nate.

Now even greater sacrifices are being made, and everyone realizes there is a new "Boss Hog" in town. Those with the means are evacuating, those without are hunkering down for one more season of "rebuilding" in hopes of saving their jobs.

Coaches with any kind of sense and market value are abandoning ship. Mike Tice, by far Del Rio's staunchest ally on the team, has made a lateral move to Chicago. Strange thing for Tice to do, given his close friendship with Jack. Did Gene separate these two play-mates?

Now, word has arisen that Kennedy Pola, by far one of the league's best coaches, will be leaving as well. I imagine this isn't Jack's choice, regardless of how he is spins it. Losing a coach the caliber of Kennedy Pola will be difficult to overcome. It is the equivalent of losing Special Teams ACE coach, Joe DeCamilis, a major blow to say the least.

Watch closely the new hires, as Jacksonville doesn't have much to offer. Any coach that signs on will immediately be a lame-duck candidate should the Jaguars' crash and burn in 2010. Anyone would likely assume that they'll be thrown out with Del-Rio should the Jags miss the post-season again. To lure quality candidates, Gene is going to have to promise them longevity beyond Del-Rio's tenure, should the team fail to meet Gene's expectations next year.

-Collin Streetman