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This Week in Jaguars History: [1/18 - 1/24]


1/23/00 - The best team Jacksonville has ever had was denied a trip to the Super Bowl by the Titans, the only team able to beat the 1999 Jaguars.

1/21/03 - Jack Del Rio begins his tenure by adding 3 new coordinators to his staff. Bill Musgrave as offensive coordinator, Mike Smith as defensive coordinator and Bill Bates as special teams coordinator.

1/23/03 - Shack Harris is hired as the vice president of player personnel for the Jaguars.

1/23/08 - Defensive coordinator Mike Smith leaves the Jaguars to become head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

Trivia Question:

Ohio State has produced the 3rd most NFL players out of any NCAA school. How many Buckeyes have the Jaguars drafted in their history?

Trivia Answer:

Zero. The Jaguars are the only team in the NFL to have never drafted an Ohio State player.