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Black and Teal: Go visit Terry's new Jaguars blog!

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Today I have the proud honor of introducing everyone to Terry's new online home for all-things Jaguars.  Terry, as most of you know, started blogging at Big Cat Country and has recently taken over the stewardship of Black and Teal.  This, frankly speaking, is great, Terry's got a wonderful voice and perspective on the Jaguars and I look forward to reading B&T daily for his take on things.

I just want to make sure that everyone knows that there are no hard feelings between anyone here at BCC and Terry.  The Jaguars online neighborhood just got a little friendlier and I look forward to cross-blogging with Terry and everyone else at B&T.

So head on over, I know Terry's got a lot planned for today.  Stop by, say hello, and enjoy.