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Mike Sims-Walker: Vizio Value Award nominee

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Mike Sims-Walker is nominated for the Vizio Value Award. The award is given to performers who play above and beyond expectations relative to their contract. The award started in 2007, with David Garrard being the first ever winner. Vizio consulted former Green Bay GM Ron Wolf for this year's nominees. Vizio had this to say about Sims-Walker

Mike Sims-Walker did not generate a lot of fanfare when chosen in the third round by Jacksonville in 2007. In 2008, Sims-Walker accounted for just 16 catches. This season, however, he been a steadying force in the offense, snaring 63 passes from David Garrard, winner of the first-ever VIZIO TVP award, for 869 yards and seven touchdowns, exceeding all expectations of him and making him a true value to his club at a salary of $460,000.

You can go and vote for Sims-Walker by clicking here..