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Senior Bowl Day 2 Thoughts

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Through various sources it appears the Jaguars have met with the following players

Dekoda Watson, LB, Florida State

Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina

In addition, they reportedly had a major presence with the North's Defensive line practice, which includes Alex Carrington, Arkansas St and Brandon Graham, Michigan.

Some general thoughts

1. Obligatory Tim Tebow mention: He looked ok from under center today. However, his inability to throw any zip on the sideline routes is troubling. No other route can turn a misthrown ball into a pick six faster. In addition, it seems that in trying to compensate on his delivery he managed to make his release slower. He did throw some nice deep balls though.

2. After looking like a Beast day one, Mike Iupati was brought down to earth today. Alex Carrington in particular humiliated Iupati by planting him right on his butt.

3. Speaking of Carrington, the Jags attended a few Arkansas St games and now I know why.

4. What is it with Alabama players and showing up so out of shape? Seriously, Terrance? At this point even asking him to be a 2 down lineman might be stretching it.

5. Dexter McCluster, you're my official 2010 Draft Crush. He looked like he couldn't do no wrong today. Lining up at both WR and RB and shining in both.