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Senior Bowl Practice Week: Wrap-Up

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According to various sources here is a list of the players that the Jaguars spoke with this week and a synopsis on how they performed during this week's practices:

Dekoda Watson - LB - Florida State

Watson didn't do much to hurt his stock, but didn't do much to help it either as he still looks to be a late round draft pick. He caused some laughs when he chased Tebow down out of the pocket and yelled out "Just like old times!" as he caught up to Tebow. Dekoda lacks in size and power to play linebacker in the NFL and will likely have to make a roster as a special teams player. 

Eric Norwood - LB - South Carolina

Norwood is a football player. He has all the instincts it takes to be a linebacker in the NFL and is a great pass rusher. However, in pass coverage he didn't do very well and was beat time and again by USC TE Anthony McCoy. His hips are a little stiff and he doesn't do very well changing directions on his backpedal. He definitely doesn't shy away from contact and made some big hits this week in practice. 

Patrick Robinson - CB - Florida State

He didn't play very poorly this week, but his stock was likely hurt as CB Perrish Cox of Oklahoma State had a terrific week and looks like he'll definitely be drafted before Robinson. Robinson did very well against the speedy receivers, but didn't do as well against the larger, more physical receivers. He finished the week well with a good thursday, but even then he had a few lapses. He has the physical skills and ability to be a starting CB, but he needs to be more consistent before he can reach that point. 

Vladimir Ducasse - OL - Massachusetts

He really struggled to hold his own at the tackle position, but did a decent job at the guard position. Although, even there he had struggles due to his slow footwork and was beat a few times in the middle. Though his footwork was poor at times, he showed some speed getting downfield for blocks. The biggest news he made this weekend was when his devastating block tore the ACL of Wisconsin LB O'Brien Schofield. At 6'4, 326 he's a big, power blocker who will run you over if he can get his hands on you, but he will probably require some good coaching before he can start for a team.

Shay Hodge - WR - Mississippi

Hodge had a great week of practice and looked like one of the best receivers on the South team. He was very quick out of his breaks and was able to quickly get out of jams from the CBs. Although he's not the fastest receiver he managed to run good routes and use his body well to shield off defenders. He doesn't have the ideal physical skill set, but has the intangibles necessary to be successful in the NFL. He's not afraid to go up in the air or down to the ground to get a ball. 

Austen Lane - DE - Murray State

Lane really struggled this week to get off of blocks and was neutralized when a lineman could get his hands on him. He's quick, but his bullrush and power moves were not working against the big division 1 lineman. There's plenty of raw athleticism and talent there along with a good frame at 6'6, 270, but he may take some time to adjust to playing against higher competition. 

Philip Dillard - LB - Nebraska

As a late addition to the Senior Bowl, he didn't get the full amount of practice that the other players did. He's not a very fast player, but he's instinctive and has enough size and physicality to play at the next level. He struggles to get to the outside, but on runs between the tackles he is very good. He did pretty well in coverage against tight ends and was pretty much the only LB for the North team able to stay with Oregon TE Ed Dickson.

-Adam Stites