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Let the Draft Talk Begin: Jaguars Fall in Cleveland 23-17

The Browns and Jaguars both came into this game on a roll, though not in the same direction. By game's end their respective progression would continue as Cleveland beat Jacksonville 23-17 in a contest not as close as the score would indicate.

If you were a participant on the "in game" threads it seemed we were more passionate about this game than the players were, save possibly Darryl Smith, Zach Miller and less than a handful of others. Dropping the final four games of the season and once again failing to exhibit any sign of life on the road has left a sour taste in the mouths of the fan base.

Though the final drive was a nice way to end the year, it doesn't take away from the disappointment of missed opportunities. That this season seems to mirror 2006 in so many ways, I think, adds to the sour taste. Same quarterback. Same coach. Same collapse.

The Jacksonville defense was man-handled by the Browns offensive front. If any statistics indicate just how this game went it is these:


  • Jaguars - 0 sacks, 1 pass defended, 0 quarterback hits
  • Browns - 3 sacks, 5 passes defended, 10 quarterback hits
  • Jaguars - 24 rushing attempts, 131 yards
  • Browns - 49 rushing attempts, 214 yards
It appeared the two-headed monster of Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison would be contained as two of the first three Cleveland drives ended with a three and out.  Furstratingly from the second quarter on the Browns worked the Jaguars inside and outside to score on four of their last five possessions.

Playing from behind forced the Jaguars to depart from a successful ground attack and David Garrard could not answer the call. The lone bright spots were Mike Thomas and Zach Miller stepping up as the go-to guys for the day (more to come around this topic).

I am off to watch the game again in hopes that something jumps out at me.