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Big Cat Country Radio: It's Jon's Birthday Edition


The Jaguars lost to the Browns, but that's been the least of our problems. But who cares because it's my birthday today! If you want to come celebrate and talk Jags, head over to BTR at 10.

Also, you can now access all of our achieved shows directly from BCC"s main page. Scroll about half way down on the front page and you'll see a player labeled "Blog Talk Radio." That'll be refreshed with each new episode.

Also, I'll use this chance to say where the site is going to go over the next few months.

For the next few weeks are going to be a chance for reflection, one where our heads have recovered from the beating our desks have put on it. After the staff recovers form it's collective Super Bowl hangover, expect Scouting Reports to make a glorious return, interspersed with covering free agent signings and the like. Collin will hopefully be making a trip to the combine, as well.

As April comes around, the BCC community mock draft will roll around and then it'll all be capped off with me making a trip to NYC to cover the draft live. Interspersed with all of that will be occasional preferences from Mocking Dan, BCC's involvement in numerous inter-blog mocks, and everything else Jaguar related.

Strap in folks, we can either go into a cave or the stars, and I'm aiming straight up.