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Looking at Some Mocks with Fear and Anticipation

With an opportunity to place itself outside the top 15, the Jaguars find themselves in a position which screams "Trade Out!" and get more picks. Jacksonville losing it's last four games of the season satisfied the final component to fortify the perfect storm that will be the 2010 NFL Draft. Consider these elements:

  • Blackouts

  • Garrard

  • Sale

  • Relocation

  • Del Rio

For a good number of fans and non-fans it either has or will become a quotidian topic and there is but one solution: Draft Tim Tebow. Beyond the logic that bringing in a local kid as collegiately successful as Tim warrants the pick the prominent argument I'm hearing is that it will cause Gator fans to buy tickets. Really? I wonder how long that will last if the team doesn't win? Though Derrick Harvey and Reggie Nelson are obviously not at the same level, I don't recall a significant increase in ticket sales when they were taken.

While investigating what others are presaging the Jaguars will do I came across this horrifying opinion from

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Florida QB Tim Tebow
He will help sell tickets, and could be another version of a Vince Young QB.

Many things raced through my head, primarily whether that means Charlie Campbell, the mock writer, thinks Tim will be a relative bust like Vince has been. Surely he isn't equating Tim's running ability to Young's. (It should be noted that Charlie's writing resume is a thing to be praised.)

For your reading pleasure I have collected a number of recent predictions as to who the Jaguars might take on April 22nd. Would you be shocked if I told you wide receiver is a popular pick?

NFLDraftDog - Derrick Morgan, DE Ga Tech (This is going to be a strong year for pass rushers and Morgan is as good as it gets.)

DraftKing - Dez Bryant, WR OK St (Bryant is arguably the most talented wide receiver prospect who will be in the draft. The "lying to the NCAA" incident cost Bryant his college eligibility, but for Jacksonville he could be a strong pickup at this position. The Jaguars would benefit greatly by adding Bryant to their roster.)

NEPatriotsDraft - Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida (Jaguars are still looking to improve their pass rush, and Dunlap provides the spark that they need to get the job done. Dunlap being a Gator will offset the DUI arrest.)

WalterFootball - Tim Tebow, QB, Florida (Some experts believe Tebow won't be able to transition to the NFL. I don't completely agree with them - just look at Vince Young's vast improvement - but it's not about Tebow being an NFL quarterback here, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his draft stock. This selection simply makes all the sense in the world because he is an iconic figure in Florida, and thousands of people would go to every Jaguars game just to see him. Football is a business, and Tebow would be a tremendous financial investment for Wayne Weaver.)

DraftAce - Sergio Kindle, OLB Texas (The Jaguars are dead last in the NFL in sacks this season and are almost certain to address that need with this pick. Defensive ends Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves are just in their second year so the Jags are unlikely to move either of them just yet, making linebacker the primary target. Kindle is a 'tweener and could be used in Jacksonville in much the same way that the Redskins used Brian Orakpo this season. Kindle has the potential to be an elite pass rusher at the next level.)

TheDraftMatters - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE S. Florida (In 2007, their first two picks were defensive ends Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves. You would think that they would have the pass rushing situation taken care of by now. An interesting fact: In 2008 the Jaguars first two picks were defensive ends. In 2009, their first two picks were both offensive tackles (Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton). So it might be fair to assume, whatever position they grab in the first round, they'll target in the second round. I guess their bulletproof logic is that one of the two selections will actually turn out to be a professional football player. Maybe they need to readdress their drafting strategy. With Tebow already taken, Jacksonville has to draft a pass rusher.) (He has Oakland taking him at 8.)

SidelineScouting - Dez Bryant, WR OK St (Although the Jags need a long-term option at quarterback, they also need more targets. Bryant is the most pro-ready receiver in the draft and gives Jacksonville a solid threat in the passing game. He can also help the Jags in the field position game with his exceptional return skills.)

NewNFLDraft - Tim Tebow, QB Florida (Predicts Jags trade to the 21st pick) (Tim Tebow is potentially one of the best college players of all time. The biggest question in the 2010 NFL Mock Draft is where Tebow will go and what position he will play in the 2010 NFL Season. I have him going to the Jags because they need some fans in the stands and he is the biggest name out of Florida in a long time. Look for him to be the talk of the 2010 NFL Mock Draft because of his unique style of play.)

FootballsFuture - Derrick Morgan, DE Ga Tech (The Jags spent their top two picks two years ago to upgrade the pass rush, but that has not paid off to date. They go back to the draft again, and this time, may get it right. Morgan’s motor along with his skills should make him an impact performer early on.)

CDSDraft - Dez Bryant, WR OK St (Although they remained in playoff contention until the last week of the season, the Jaguars have been relying on MJD to carry their offense. When Maurice Sims-Walker is your number one receiver you know you have problems, so drafting Dez Bryant would add credibility to their receiving corps.

DraftTek - Dez Bryant, WR OK St (The top WR in this year's draft class adds another weapon to the Jaguar arsenal and removes the 8th defender in opponents' defensive box to improve the running game.)

CBSSports – Everson Griffen, DE USC (Rob Rang) and Tim Tebow, QB Florida (Chad Reuter)