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The State of the Rebuilding Process: The 2014 Jaguars

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After the 2008 season the roster was in disarray and Gene Smith began his task of rebuilding the team and leading them to a successful future. The roster was completely turned over with 31 new additions and 16 rookies. A good measure of the rebuilding process is finding the players on the roster that look like long-term fixtures and seeing how many have sure futures with the team.

After the 2009 season, how many players could we really say, with confidence, would be playing for the Jaguars in 2014? (Ages at the start of 2014 season in parenthesis)

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew (29)
  2. Greg Jones (33)
  3. Montell Owens (30)
  4. Justin Durant (28)

So after the 2010 season, how many long-term fixtures were added and how many emerged? Meet the core of your 2014 Jaguars:
  1. Marcedes Lewis (30)
  2. Mike Sims-Walker (29)
  3. Eugene Monroe (27)
  4. Eben Britton (26)
  5. Terrance Knighton (28)
  6. Derek Cox (27)
  7. Mike Thomas (27)
  8. Jarett Dillard (28)
  9. Zach Miller (29)
  10. Russell Allen (28)
That has to be, by anyone's standard, a good first year of the rebuilding process. In Gene we trust.