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Jaguars Marcedes Lewis keeps catching checks, I mean touchdowns.

Lost amongst the myriad of first round busts the Jacksonville Jaguars have been plagued with is a player who gets better every season and is slowly becoming one of the best at his position. It's a player who was oft-criticized for being a poor pass catcher because of one bad day in Cincinnati a few seasons ago, but he continues to work and get better.

Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis is in a contract year, and it looks like he knows it.

Marcedes Lewis caught his fourth and fifth touchdown of the season on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Lewis has already reached his career high in touchdown receptions with five, five games into the season. Lewis also set the Jaguars single-season record for touchdown receptions by a tight end with five and is approaching the franchise career record currently held by Kyle Brady.

"He was wide open. ... Marcedes has been playing excellent and we're going to continue to feed him the ball. He deserves it. We're going to continue to find him as much as possible. Marcedes for president," quarterback David Garrard said about Lewis' first touchdown.

Lewis seemingly almost refuses to acknowledge his great play however, "I'm interested to go back and watch the film and get ready for Tennessee and change those things," the tight end told reporters. During the off-season and pre-season Lewis was deservedly praised by his teammates and coaching staff for being the most dominant player on the team. Those of us there every day watching saw it rather easily.

Lewis has put in the work since the day he was drafted as a "receiving" tight end in the first round in 2006. Conversely however, Lewis became known for his dominant blocking rather than his receiving. It seems now however, that the team has made it a point to feature him in the passing game. Rightfully so as it seems, he's proved to be a reliable weapon in the redzone and down the field. "Everything is starting to be second nature," Lewis said. "When the ball is in the air, it's my ball."

Currently Lewis is on pace to break the Jaguars total receiving record for touchdowns in a season, which is currently held by receiver Reggie Williams with 10. He was a Pro-Bowl alternate last season, but it looks like he is making a push to be voted onto the actual team this year. He's also in a contract year and with each touchdown he catches, the price goes up.

Marcedes Lewis has definitely earned the contract extension he's likely to get, too.