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Don Carey: The New Candidate at Safety?

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Gone unnoticed by many has been Don Carey's move to the safety position. Without any announcement or talk from the team, the player that drew the ire of many fans on BCC during the preseason has slowly been learning his new position. But how realistic is it to think that he could soon become the starter on a team that desperately needs an answer for their safety woes?

Judging by this quote from Jack Del Rio when asked if he plans on continuing to rotate safeties, it seems it could become a reality sooner than later:

"I hope not. I'd like to see it settle down. We'd like to get productive play out of that group. I think that what you saw yesterday, you know Don Carey took about 30 snaps at safety and so we're bringing Don along, and Don has done a nice job in his increased role. So we're looking to develop and we feel like we've made some strides in that area, I feel like we're closer. We still have a lot of work to do." - Jack Del Rio

Hold on a second Jack...30 snaps? That's a lot of snaps. The Bills took exactly 50 offensive snaps on Sunday. I don't have any game tape or any stats to verify what Jack said, but these are the possibilities.

A) Del Rio exaggerated the amount of snaps that Carey saw on Sunday.

B) Del Rio didn't exaggerate and Carey played in more than half of the defensive plays.

In either case, it definitely appears as though Don Carey is seeing an "increased role," in the words of his head coach. Granted this was on a game in which Sean Considine was inactive with a hamstring, but he saw these snaps with Gerald Alexander, Anthony Smith, Tyron Brackenridge and Courtney Greene all active.

This is essentially Don Carey's rookie season after spending his entire first year on injured reserve, so he's definitely still a developing player. It's very possible that he could become a starting safety for the Jaguars, but could that time come this year?