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Jacksonville Jaguars Scouting Locations Week 7

The Jaguars search for a QB continues. Chris Steuber reports that the Jaguars will be in attendance at the Boston College/Florida St and Missour/Texas A&M games.

In BC/FSU, two prospects that I believe the Jaguars are high on will be going head to head. As I've said before, no prospect better fits a "Gene Smith player" than Boston College LB Mark Herzlich. You can check out last week's report or just google his story.

On the other side is Florida St QB Christian Ponder. While Ponder hasn't put up the dominating numbers this year, he has been hampered with an arm injury. It was about this time last year Ponder broke out, so perhaps he's due for a big game.

Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert is another possible target for the Jaguars. After Luck, Mallett, and Locker, you can ask 3 different people who they like between Gabbert, Ponder, and Deleware's Pat Devlin and get three different answers.

Unlike Ponder, who has a limited ceiling, Gabbert possesses all of the physical tools you want in a NFL QB. Also, he played through an ankle injury earlier this year, showing some toughness. Like Arizona's Nick Foles, Gabbert is just a Jr, so he'll have to believe he'll go high in the draft to come out.

For Texas A&M, the Jaguars have already looked at Von Miller once this season. Although Miller hasn't been the pass rush terror many thought he would be this season, he's still a legit 1st round pick. There were some hopes QB Jerrod Johnson would get his act together this season, but that hasn't happened. Johnson is a late round developmental guy at this point.

The Jaguars were also spotted attending a Florida Atlantic practice earlier this week. TE Rob Housler is probably the only guy who is draftable from that team.