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Expect Trent Edwards to start against Chiefs, if healthy

With Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard suffering an apparent concussion in the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night, it'd be surprising if he started on Sunday. Garrard has already been ruled out of practice on Wednesday and listed as questionable for Sunday.

Given it's a short week and the concussion was suffered last night, I'd be shocked if Garrard was even active.

The Jaguars today brought back veteran quarterback Todd Bouman and are flying in veteran quarterback Patrick Ramsey. In order to make room for Bouman, safety Gerald Alexander was once again released.

If Trent Edwards is healthy on Sunday, I'd expect him to get the start with Bouman as his primary back up. On the Jack Del Rio Show on AM 690 WOKV, Del Rio made mention that Edwards has a thumb injury on his throwing hand. He also has an apparent knee injury suffered in the same game.

As long as his thumb is good to go, Jaguars fans should expect him to start against the Kansas City Chiefs. While Edwards wasn't great by any means against the Titans, he was able to move the offense and reach the redzone three separate times, twice scoring drives were thwarted by turnovers however.

It should be noted it was reported earlier Trent Edwards was running plays he'd only merely seen and not yet even practiced. That could explain the six straight running plays inside the redzone on Monday Night. It's possible Edwards simply didn't know the plays yet.

Edwards should work the entire week with the first team offense and Dirk Koetter should be able to draw up a game plan with Edwards to execute the offense at a capacity he's comfortable with.

Sunday just got a heck of a lot more interesting.