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Is David Garrard's career in Jacksonville effectively over?

The Jaguars have made no bones about their desire to draft a quarterback in the 2011 draft. Depending on where they get their QB of the future, it was thought either Garrard would be released outright because of the economics of a Top 10 QB or he would be kept on for another season at most. However, with the recent events following the Monday Night Massacre, it seems things may be heading to a much faster conclusion.

With Trent Edwards, Patrick Ramsey, and now even Todd Bouman on the roster, it appears that things are getting crowded at the QB position. I understand part of this is because of the fact that Edwards is also hurt, but it still seems almost overkill at this point.

Barring a minor miracle, David Garrard won't play this week. Judging by how the league has treated other QB concussion cases this season, it seems that it's all but certain they'll be out the following week as well. After that is when things could get potentially interesting.

With reports of locker room unrest and David Garrard not even being present at the Jaguars facility today, is something big on the horizon? My gut tells me yes.

Honestly, can anyone really say that Trent Edwards couldn't have gotten the Jaguars to a 3-3 mark at this point? The Jaguars are the only team that doesn't have a 30 yard completion in the league. Most of what David's been throwing has been short stuff to Mike Thomas or Marcedes Lewis.What was Trent Edwards throwing during Monday Night?

Am I saying Trent Edwards, Patrick Ramsey, or anyone else the Jaguars have on their roster is the future? Absolutely not. However, cutting Garrard and moving on with this season would send the same kind of message the Bills ultimately made a few weeks ago.

Garrard's contract may ultimately end up saving him, but with the way Gene Smith has been making roster moves, who knows.