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Did David Garrard go to the hospital today? Unlikely.

I've been asked repeatedly on Twitter and through e-mail if David Garrard went to the hospital today. Apparently 1010XL was reporting (I didn't hear it, it's been relayed to me by multiple people) that David Garrard went to the hospital today and the "fog" from the concussion was just clearing up.

I've checked my sources and heard nothing of the sort.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union talked to David Garrard's agent, and he seems to think it's also untrue.

I have no idea. If he was in there somebody would have called me. It's probably a rumor.

I will note, it is odd that David Garrard was not at the facility today. Typically, a team will run a player who has a concussion through a battery of tests. Sometimes teams do it off-site, but most do it at the team's facility. I've heard nothing back as far as if Garrard has had any post-concussion tests, other than at half-time on Monday Night. It's possible the Jaguars are simply being overly cautious with the concussion, because of all the attention they've gotten the past few weeks.