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Bend Don't Break With A Little Too Much Bend

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Usually on Comcast red zone pieces we analyze the performance of the Jaguars offensively in the red zone. Considering finding the red zone didn't work out too well and punching it in when the Jags did get there didn't work well either, there's really little point in analyzing the performance. Instead let's switch gears and look at how the Jaguars have performed this season in the red zone as a defense.

The Jaguars defense isn't very good. We all know that. In six games they have allowed 23 trips to the red zone or 3.83 trips a game. That's allowing too many opportunities for teams to score. Couple that with the fact that the Jaguars have allowed more 20+ passes and more 40+ passes than any team in the league and it's easy to see why the Jaguars are tied for 2nd in the points allowed category.

Now for the possible silver lining among all of this. In the last two weeks, the Jaguars appear to have maybe found a bend don't break defense. Maybe.

Team Trips Touchdowns Field Goals Points
Broncos 4 2 0 14
Chargers 5 4 0 28
Eagles 2 2 0 14
Colts 4 4 0 28
Bills 4 2 2 20
Titans 4 1 3 16
Total 23 15 5 120

That is the red zone performance of each of the Jaguars' opponents in 2010. In weeks 1-4 combined, they never once forced a field goal. On 15 trips to the red zone, 12 resulted in touchdowns. Ouch. However, in the last two weeks the Jaguars have allowed their customary 4 trips to the red zone per game, but have allowed only 3 touchdowns. The other five were stopped to a field goal.

Is a bend don't break defense a good one to have? Well it's certainly not the ideal defense, but it can be an effective one. A perfect example are the Titans of 2010. They have the 16th best defense in the league when it comes to yards allowed, but if it's points scored you judge by, they have the 4th best defense. Which would you rather have?