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Update: Jaguars Jaguars Scouting Locations Week #8

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Update: Charlie Bernstein says a Jaguars scout is also present at UCF/Rice

Another week, another round of looking at potential future Jaguars. This week Chris Steuber reports the Jaguars will be at Air Force/TCU and Mississippi St/UAB.

The Horned Frogs don't have another Jerry Hughes caliber player on their roster, but there are still some solid prospects. MLB Tank Carder is a middle/late round prospect. In some respects, Carder is almost a younger version of Kirk Morrision. He's a solid tackler and run stuffer, but he'll be a liability on passing downs. Frogs QB Andy Dalton is the epitome of a winner, but may not be that great in the NFL. Also, FS Tejay Johnson is a guy to look at.

Air Force has a few guys who might have been late round picks if they played for another school, but due to their military requirements, they'll never play in the NFL.

The Bulldogs of Mississippi State do have some legit NFL talent, unlike in years past. OT Derek Sherrod is a legit 1st round prospect. DE Pernell McPhee is a 2nd/3rd round talent. Also, MLB K.J. Wright is a middle round guy. LB Chris White is tied for the 2nd most sacks in the SEC.

UAB's best potential NFL player is their long snapper. I think that's all I need to say about the Blazers.