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Jaguars need to cover Tony Moeaki

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In order for the Jaguars to have success defensively against the Kansas City Chiefs, not only will they need to slow down their running game, but they'll need to keep tight end Tony Moeaki in check.


Tony Moeaki. You know, the guy who made that sick one-handed touchdown grab.

Despite the fact that the rookie tight end leads the Chiefs in receptions, not many people know who Tony Moeaki is. I'm very familiar with him because he went to the University of Iowa and the Jaguars also showed interest in him.

I asked's Joel Thorman about Moeaki,

What a great pick, especially for the Chiefs. He does everything well. He picked up the playbook really quickly -- those close to him were impressed -- and he's arguably the best overall tight end in the '10 draft class. The Chiefs need guys who can catch (he's the Chiefs leading receiver) and who can block because they run the ball a lot. Moeaki is looking like the perfect fit in Kansas City.

Moeaki is filling the shoes once worn by current Atlanta Falcon Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs forever have had a threat at the tight end position, and it looks like Moeaki will be that guy going forward.

The bad news is, opposing tight ends have been productive against the Jaguars.

Receiving REC YDS TD LG
Daniel Graham 2 36 0 28
Antonio Gates 5 57 2 26
Brent Celek 4 42 0 21
Dallas Clark 7 68 1 16
Jonathan Stupar 1 10 0 10
Bo Scaife 4 53 1 28

As you can see, outside of the game against Buffalo, teams have gotten production out of their tight end. The Jaguars cannot afford to let this happen with Moeaki. If they let Moeaki start eating them up over the middle, they'll need to dedicate coverage to him, and it will open the Jaguars up more for the run.