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Should the Jaguars fire Jack Del Rio?

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The hot topic around the water cooler this morning will be concerning the Jaguars. Most of the conversation is going to be about the team's head coach, Jack Del Rio. After the team's 4th loss by more than twenty points, who can blame them? After eight seasons, all of the same issues continue to rear their ugly heads. After a miracle season that saw everything go wrong in 2007, the Jaguars have been trying to wake up from a continuing nightmare.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and every other medium imaginable, the fans have made their voices clear. Fire Jack Del Rio.

On the surface, the blood lust is understandable. Fans and analysts both have figured Jack has been a "Dead man walking" for awhile now. The playoff run that could've saved his job now seems like a pipe dream at best. Reports following the Jaguars loss to Kansas City, along with the post game interviews, suggest that the team may be fracturing. Why not just deliver a mercy killing and get it done in the bye week?

However, when you think about things, then it becomes apparent that Jack should at least finish out the 2010 season.

The main reason I have to offer is, what good is it going to do? You can argue Jack is driving the bus off the cliff. However, is Dirk Koetter, Mike Shula, or Mel Tucker going to do any better? They've all had a hand in the current situation as well. Before anyone says something about Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer , or Jon Gruden, none of them will come in mid-season. And besides, I very much doubt they'll end up in Jacksonville anyway.

Some are saying that offering Jack up as the sacrificial lamb will spur the community. But for how long? Sure the knee jerk reaction to fire Jack may be the push needed to sell out the Texans game. But will it sell the 8,000+ tickets for the other remaining games? Especially when the team is still circling the toilet? It won't matter who's on the sideline if the Jaguars are 5-9 heading into their last home game.

Would firing Del Rio really help with looking for a new head coach? Doubt it. Weaver has a reputation of giving his guys every chance they have. Firing Jack at 3-4 would set a dangerous precedent. When trying to court someone like a Jim Harbaugh, Kirk Ferentz, or some hot shot coordinator, you need everyone reason to make them choose the Jaguars over another job.Knowing that they'll have the owner's loyalty goes a long way.

I understand Jaguar fans. Things are frustrating. However, for the best of everything, wait until January. Patience is a virtue for many reasons.