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Garrard failed his concussion test Friday, will re-take Tuesday

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press via Twitter, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard failed his post-concussion test that was administered on Friday. Garrard will take another test tomorrow (Tuesday) to see if he will be cleared to practice this week. Whether or not he will start this week is still up in the air and obviously hinges on if he can pass his test.

Jack Del Rio said assuming Garrard passes his test tomorrow, he should get the start against the Cowboys. "As long as he remembers snap counts and how to play football," said Del Rio.

Garrard also said his focus and speech were rather slow on Tuesday following the game against the Titans. Garrard also told reporters that the fog didn't really clear up until sometime on Saturday. He claimed he was sensitive to light and sound, but never vomited.

Eben Britton also confirmed today that he will undergo surgery to repair a torn labrum in his should. Britton claims he dislocated it on the first touchdown drive. He then popped it back in and played with the injury until it happened again. The recovery period for labrum surgery is typically 24 weeks, so one would expect Britton to hit injured reserve in the next 24-48 hours.

Jack Del Rio also said that tackle Jordan Black, who relieved Eben Britton Sunday, will get the start in Dallas against the Cowboys. Del Rio also said the team would sign another tackle for depth.