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Turnovers, turnovers and more turnovers

The Jaguars have problems with their football team. Obvious issues that will have to be addressed in the offseason and likely the next offseason as well before they can be considered true contenders for a Super Bowl title.

Finding wins with a really bad defense is difficult, but the Jaguars are making it impossible for themselves. After 7 games the Jaguars are -10 in the turnover margin. That's last in the league by 3 turnovers. Even good teams don't win with a stat like that.

The Jaguars have two marquee victories this season over the Broncos and Colts and in each of those two games the Jags won the turnover battle 2-0. That means that in the other 5 games the Jaguars are -14. Um...ouch. The Eagles loss was the only one of those losses that didn't feature the Jaguars turning the ball over at least 3 times more than the opposing team.

The Jaguars aren't a very good team, but they're not a team so bad that they should be losing games by 22+ every time they lose. Taking care of the ball needs to be a priority and it needs to be a priority now. In two of the last three weeks, Mike Thomas has had uncharacteristic fumbles on punt returns. Marcedes Lewis had a fumble in the loss to the Titans.

It's easy to blame the fact that the starting quarterback is struggling and had a concussion. It's also easy to blame the fact that the Jaguars started a 4th string quarterback on Sunday. But the problem runs deeper than that and has to be fixed if the Jaguars want to win again. I know I wrote a very similar article prior to the Chiefs game, but the turnovers have quickly gone from below average to league's worst.

No team in the NFL will finish with a winning record losing the turnover margin by 3 week in and week out. Just ask the Chargers.