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Jeremy Mincey expects to start over Derrick Harvey

According to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union and Mark Long of the AP, Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey expects to start at left defensive end over Derrick Harvey. Some fans have called for this for a while and I've been one of the few to "defend" (for lack of a better word) Harvey over Mincey.

Mincey offers a better rush off the edge, but Harvey is better at holding the point. Likely the straw that broke the camels back however, was Chiefs Thomas Jones 70-yard run against the Jaguars last Sunday. On the play, Harvey needed to crash inside on the line, but instead went to the outside which left a gaping hole for Jones to drive his truck through.

I think what's been holding Mincey on the bench is his ability to stuff the run however, so pay attention to Sunday's games how successful the Cowbays are running to their right. Mincey gets good penetration, but he often gets washed out in the running game, that was the one area Harvey was better.

The two will likely split time, but if this doesn't get the message to Harvey that he needs to take the next step, nothing will.