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HOLY Josh Scobee: Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Indianapolis Colts 31-28

It seems the Jaguars have to be pressed into do or die situations in order to perform this season. After two weeks of blowout losses and fans calling for blood, most in the NFL thought the Colts would have an easy win. Instead, the Jaguars rose up to the occasion to play one of their best games in the Jack Del Rio era. The  Jaguars rode Maurice Jones-Drew, two Colt red zone turnovers, and Josh Scobee's ICBM leg to the surprising victory. 

As Josh Scobee lined up for the 59 yard field goal attempt, the weight of the world was on his leg. After all of the criticisms of the team, against the team the Jaguars have a history of frustrating losses, with the history of the franchise potentially in the balance, he lined up and drilled it.

The Jaguars had their game plan and executed it almost to perfection. The Colts weak link was their rush defense, and the Jaguars exploited it early and often. Maurice Jones-Drew had hit best game of the season by far, with over 120 total yards and two touchdowns. David Garrard was also involved in the running game. With 5 rushes for 44 yards, the Jaguars stuck to his strengths.

Speaking of Garrard, he had a good bounce back game. After two games that had soured fans to the point of booing him during introductions, he played smart and efficient football. Going 17 of 22 with two touchdown strikes, he managed to lead the team on two critical 4th quarter drives.

Also, major kudos go to the offensive line. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis were never mentioned after the pregame introductions, and that says alot. They also controlled the line of scrimmage to give MJD some running room.

However, the major turn of events that allowed for the Jaguars to win were two Colt red zone turnovers. Peyton Manning tossed his first interception in the year, while Reggie Wayne fumbled on another Colts drive. Without those two plays, it could've been 35-14 Indy in the 4th quarter.

Peyton Manning got his yards, but the Jaguars managed to keep him relatively contained. Aaron Kampman and Aaron Morgan were forcing Manning around in the pocket, and dare I say we saw Manning get happy feet in the 4th quarter.

David Jones was almost the goat today. He allowed Reggie Wayne to have a career day, then promptly dropped a game clinching interception, and then channeled his inner Reggie Nelson to get torched by Wayne on one last play. Honestly, whatever Derek Cox did to get in Jack's dog house, it needs to end. He couldn't have played any worse.

All in all though, it's a great day to be a Jaguar fan. The team is 2-2 after the most difficult stretch of the schedule. Now it's time to go to Buffalo.