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Is this the game that recaptures Jacksonville?

After the Jaguars dramatic victory over the Colts, one of the constant themes on Twitter, Facebook, etc was about the Jaguar fans. Everyone was commenting about how loud they were cheering, about the energy in the stadium, and the reactions after the game. I have to ask, is this finally the game where the Jaguars have won back Jacksonville?

As Vic pointed out, it was the Colts game last year that kicked off the ticket sales movement that has helped bring this franchise back from the brink. However, this game was so much more. Heading into the 4th quarter, my thoughts were "Well, how are they going to choke vs the Colts this time." This wasn't unfounded. Despite the last five meetings between Jacksonville and Indy being decided by a touchdown or less, Indy had won four.

Then, as David Jones dropped the game winning interception and the Colts subsequently scored, I resigned myself to another failure. Overtime would come and Adam Vinatieri would  come in and kick the game winner. Instead, thanks to luck, a clutch throw, and the Colts own arrogance, Josh Scobee was able to kick the game winner.

After the game, it seemed like no one wanted to leave the stadium. On Twitter and Facebook, it seemed as if no one wanted to leave. Chants of "We Are Jaguars" filled the stadium. Seemingly everyone stayed to do more tailgaiting, enjoying the thrill of the moment.

It felt as if this city and the team melded as Josh Scobee's field goal cleared and the clock hit 0:00. It wasn't the Denver game this team needed to win, it was Sunday's game vs Indianapolis. With Two Yard Tebow a non-factor, Denver became just another game. Indianapolis was always the measuring stick, and finally the Jaguars cleared it. As Brian said, the Jaguars have had plenty of "moral" victories against the Colts. Now, for the first time since 2006, they got the win in front of their home fans.

Jack Del Rio let out the Jaguars cathartic scream when he called all of the speculation about his job "Bull$***" on the air. I'm sure most Jaguar fans were letting out more colorful shouts of joy.

Despite the Jaguars historic ticket sales movement, the jokes about attendance are still coming. Mike Ditka commented only 25,000 people would be in the stands. A writer for CBS said "59: Yards Josh Scobee's field goal went, and people at the game!" It's time for Jag fans to ignore those ill-informed dolts. The Bank was packed and rocking.

Is this the game that finally gets the Jaguars back in the hearts and minds of Jacksonville? For at least 24 hours, the answer is emphatically yes.