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Are the Jaguars headed for a trap in Buffalo?

The 24 hours rule is over, and now the Jaguars must turn their attention to the Bills. At least, that is the hope. Under Jack Del Rio, the Jags have a history of following major victories with some of their worst losses. Having something left in the tank is going to be critical when the Jaguars travel to Orchard Park to face an 0-4 Bills team that has all the hallmarks of a trap game.

The two games that jump to everyone's mind are the 2004 Texans game and the 2006 Titans game. In 2004, the Jaguars were a game away from the playoffs, and proceeded to lay a Kiwi sized egg in front of the home fans. And then in 2006, after pulverizing the eventual Super Bowl champion Colts 44-17, the Jaguars managed to lose to a Titans team that would pick 3rd overall in the following April's draft.

However, there are plenty more where those came from. Week 8 of 2004, Jacksonville loses 20-6 at Houston a week after winning in Indy to take the lead in the AFC South. Week 8 of 2005, Jacksonville loses to a 6-10 St.Louis team the week after winning in Pittsburgh in overtime. Week 5 of 2009, after walloping the Titans 37-17, the Jaguars are promptly given a 41-0 beat down by Seattle.

The Jaguars have to go on the road to one of the most difficult places to play in the league. It doesn't matter that the Bills are 0-4, in fact, it probably makes this game only tougher. They're getting to the point of desperation for their first win of the season. If the Jaguars come in fat and happy off of their Indy victory, the may well end up running into a buzz saw.

Now, if the Jaguars can go in and run the ball like they did vs the Colts, and put David Garrard in situations that make him comfortable, then I think the Jaguars should win on Sunday. On paper, this would appear to be an easy game. The Bills are currently jockeying for position in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, while the Jaguars are sitting at 2-2 after the hardest part of their schedule.

However, until Jack and this team prove me wrong, these kind of games are always going to cause jitters. "Playing to the level of the competition" is a phrase often used by pundits to describe Jacksonville. Well then, maybe we need to order Buffalo some Indianapolis gear just be the sure then.