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Jaguars Jeremy Mincey is gunning for playing time.

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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey is making a big-time push for more playing time on Sunday's. His problem is he plays behind a former first round pick in Derrick Harvey that the team and many of us were expecting to have a break out season.

The problem for Harvey and to the benefit of Mincey, it hasn't happened. It doesn't look like it's going to happen.

I really thought Derrick Harvey would take off at the left defensive end playing opposite a true pass rush threat in Aaron Kampman, but it just hasn't happened yet. Harvey led the team in pressures last season and it looked like he'd get some more sacks if the Jaguars had another legit pass rush threat, but through four games four defensive lineman have sacks, and Derrick Harvey isn't one of them.

In Sunday's game, Jeremy Mincey saw extended playing time at the LDE position. Harvey was out a lot of the second quarter and looked to split time with Mincey in the second half of the game. Mincey didn't necessarily come out and light the world on fire, but it didn't appear as if there was a drop off. Harvey is very, very good against the run, but you don't draft run stuffers at defensive end 8th overall. He's not a bad player really, just not what the Jaguars thought and told everyone they were getting when they traded up in the 2008 NFL draft. Jeremy Mincey is literally a poor man's Derrick Harvey, because Harvey is cashing first round checks.

Mincey was able to sack Peyton Manning however, which is a daunting task for any defensive end in the NFL. This week against Buffalo, I'd expect Mincey to get more and more playing time unless the lightbulb finally comes on for Derrick Harvey.